“Helps empower victims”

“Teresa is passionate and in touch with the pain of being bullied.  It is from this perspective that she helps transform victims into empowered individuals who can advocate for themselves and live a life that is reflective of their dreams and worth!”

– Rachel Chapple


“Passionate speaker against bullying”

“Teresa is a passionate speaker against bullying.  Her techniques to change your perspective on yourself and others are very valuable.”

– Lisa Huening


“Informative, fun, and incredibly helpful”

“I had no idea how to break down what bullying is or how I can change it for myself.  Her presentation is informative, fun and incredibly helpful for people who have experienced bullying.”

– Sue Horwitz


“Blessing to me and my new life”

I was fortunate in finding Teresa.  I have lived my life in a “closed” anti social world all my life, due to early age bullying (I am 56).  She not only helped me to open up with all the held in feelings I have had over the years she helped me realize my potential of living a great life full of adventures.  I traveled this year for the first time in many years.  Thank you Teresa for showing me a new light to life.




Just wanting to send a note to let you know how inspired I am with your work.  I have been bullied most of my life, and can relate to many of the stories in your books please continue to educate people about overcoming bullying.  I look forward to your blog post as well as another book.  Thanks for the inspiration.