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What I Know About You

You have been bullied or you are being bullied in school, at home, work or in the general public.  It has taken a mental toll on you and has affected your life.   This has likely caused you to have low self-esteem as well as feelings of worthlessness and being alone.

This Is What Concerns You Most Right Now

  • You are being bullied at work and wish certain individuals would just stay home so that you can have a calm day
  • You stay out of the public eye, hide out in your home, and you don’t enjoy going out
  • You go out of your way to helps others in order to just fit in
  • You actually pray as you travel home that he/she will not be there because that is the only way you can get peace
  • You can’t seem to do anything right and you find that you beat yourself up because of it
  • You are always looking over your shoulder fearing that you are going to be teased, put down, shamed, or otherwise harmed
  • You have a hard time sleeping and often wake up with anxiety
  • You may have financial issues because you frequently miss work
  • You feel lonely, disconnected, and wish for a healthy social life

Right Now You Need To Know

  • You are a good person
  • You can succeed at all of your goals
  • You are very strong inside and out (even if you don’t feel strong)
  • You are not the source of the problem; the bully is (or was if you are no longer being bullied)
  • You can turn this all around; you can be confident and assertive in your life and work

Your Next Step Into Empowerment

Schedule a Complimentary Step into Empowerment Session with Teresa Wright.  During this 30 minute session, the two of you will take a look at your bullying experiences and she will show you ways to feel more confident and empowered.  You will also be able to discuss and work through the challenges you are facing so that you will be bullied no more!

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