As a victim of this largely overlooked and unrealized behavior, I have learned how to deal with the many obstacles it brings in order to not only overcome the challenges, but to excel.

My mission:

To make others aware of the reality of Bullying in the workplace.  
To empower Individuals and Corporations so that they can change the negative effects it has on people and performance by teaching strategies to overcome this silent epidemic through education and policy.

Types of bullying that have been reported, but that, many times, have not been addressed:

  • Supervisors targeting a select few (example: no matter how these employees perform their job it is always “wrong”)
  • Always putting the blame on the target instead of proper investigation being done to evaluate the problem
  • Giving negative feedback on issues that arise instead of addressing the issue
  • Being negative to the employees (demeaning, harassing)
  • Turning employees against each other by consistently talking about one to the other
  • Constantly changing the expectations of the job

In order for Corporations to retain experienced employees and avoid rapid turnover, a Code of Conduct Policy regarding Bullying needs to be put into place.  This will build the morale within the company as well as contribute to productivity.

This can be accomplished by:

  • Hosting a workshop for HR and Management teams;  During this event, I would help them to understand the seriousness of this behavior, how it is silently killing their team efforts, and show them how to spot bullying within their departments.
  • Hosting a workshop for employees to help them understand how to best deal with it on a personal and professional level as well as empower them to deal with the issue of bullying as it may arise.

If you would like to request a workshop for your organization, contact Teresa HERE.