About Teresa

Teresa Wright is an Anti-Bully Coach, Public Speaker, the Author of “The Power Within Me”, ” No Fear, No Shame” and Co-Author of “Behind the Mask”.

How did I become a “Bullied No More” Coach?

Throughout this journey called life, I have been fortunate to overcome many obstacles and challenges.

During my school years, the bullying never stopped.  This was especially true with my differently-abled sister.  In my school, if you weren’t popular, didn’t wear the right clothes, or didn’t fit into the “right” group, you were going to have some problems.  Knowing how to handle them was an obstacle we faced on a daily basis.

My parents taught us to “just be yourself”, be thankful for life and all that you have.  We were very much involved in the lives of the differently-abled in our hometown through various recreation programs.  After noticing that they were all amazing individuals who were very content with how they were, I found that I was no longer bothered by the bullies.  Instead, I started to gain a better understanding of the bullies.  They bullied others because they needed to control someone in order to find meaning in life.

We graduated with our parents by our sides and moved into the “real world”.  From this point, I made it a priority to create my own life and to be who I wanted to be.  It took time to really evaluate what I wanted,to accomplish and I eventually came to the realization that I could use my experiences with bullying to help others who are being bullied and to teach them how to stand up for themselves.

I have since been blessed with two sons.  Both went through the bullying process themselves and they have now moved onto very productive careers and living happy and healthy lives.

Who are my Ideal Clients?

  • Corporations
  • People that are bullied in the workplace
  • Adults that are bullied in their relationships
  • People that are depressed, lack self-esteem, feel lost
  • People that want to pull themselves out of self-doubt
  • Children that are bullied in school or at home

What exactly will my Program do?

  • Help you to understand that just being yourself is the best way to live life
  • Help you to overcome being bullied
  • Help you to process your feelings and understand why you feel the way you do
  • Empower you to succeed

Do your Programs Work?

Yes, if you are open-minded, ready to understand who you are, and want to step into your power

What results can you expect?

  • To find the answer to many of your “whys”
  • To feel the positive impact you can make on your life
  • To be able to not only dream of the person you want to be, but become them
  • To excel, as you experience life as the “new you”

I’m really interested, what are my options to work with you?

Great! I’m looking forward to working with you in achieving positive changes in your life.  Your next step to empowerment is:

Schedule a Complimentary Step into Empowerment Session

During this 30 minute session with Teresa Wright you will take a look at your bullying experiences and she will show you ways to feel more confident and empowered as well as discuss the challenges you are facing so that you can be bullied no more!  Sign up using the form below.

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