It’s more than just “no fun” to be bullied.  
Being bullied impacts your ability to have a relationship, profitable career, and a healthy fulfilling life!

Growing up being bullied can still affect you as an adult.

Perhaps you don’t speak your mind.  Maybe you don’t believe you have important opinions.  You’re finding that you back down from conflicts and this affects everything you do.

Hi.  My name is Teresa Wright.  I understand your feelings because I have also experienced and overcome  bullying. But, good news.  Together we can change how you are feeling.

The truth is, you do not deserve to be bullied.  You should not feel fear at the thought of going to work, to the gym, or any other public place.  And, you most definitely should not feel fear at home.

Right now is the time to do something about it.  Now is the time to take back your life.  It’s time to take control, instead of being controlled.

So, join me.  Start Here to take the next step.